I help adults living with overwhelm, mood issues or pain to develop strategies so they can live fulfilling lives.

Working together using a trauma informed approached, we can help you be present for what matters to you in your daily life, without overwhelm.

I also support occupational therapists from around the world to integrate mindfulness into their personal and professional lives.

This program unique program by and for OTs includes content, coaching and community.

Struggling with persistent pain or chronic illness?

Mindfulness for Pain Management will be offered again in the fall of 2024. Reach out to me for more details or to set up individual occupational therapy sessions.

Hi, I’m Sarah

I live and work in Ottawa, Ontario as an occupational therapist and mindfulness teacher.

Both in my personal and professional life, I use nature and mindfulness meditation to bring calm and joy to each day! I often incorporate a walk into treatment sessions or lead a meditation.

I have been working as an occupational therapist for 20 years and have been practicing mindfulness meditation regularly since I became an OT. I am a firm believer in life-long learning and engage in on-going professional development.

I strive to offer ways for OTs from around the world to connect and learn about mindfulness together!

Working with individual clients, I empower people to learn more about their own health and live lives that fit with their own personal values.

I'm so glad you've connected with us.

613-715-3550 | [email protected] | PO BOX 14074 GLEBE RPO, OTTAWA, ON, K1S3T2