Sarah Good Occupational Therapy & Case Management


PO Box 14067 Glebe RPO
Ottawa ON
K1S 2B3 


As an occupational therapist, Sarah works with people who are struggling to participate in occupations that they need to or want to do.  These occupations can include work, taking care of ones self, managing a home, parenting, studying, participating in leisure or completing tasks such as paperwork.  Most treatment sessions take place in a client's home or at another location in the client's community.  Clients are often facing difficulties participating due to chronic illness, disability, injury or mental health challenges.  During sessions, Sarah will work with the client to identify strategies or supports to enable participation.  She will also participate in the occupation with the client in their environment during her sessions.  For more information on occupational therapy, please visit the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists site.  

Sarah Good, Registered Occupational Therapist, provides community-based occupational therapy services.  Sarah also works as a mindfulness meditation teacher and a case manager.  She uses a client centered approach to care, often incorporating mindfulness-based interventions into her occupational therapy intervention.  Sarah uses a recovery-oriented approach to psychosocial rehabilitation, including the use of the Action Over Inertia program.  Sarah has been training to use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia.

Sarah has been trained in using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and motivational interviewing.  She participates in on-going professional development in several areas including trauma, sleep, mental health and chronic pain.

Sarah's resume is available here.

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Services provided

Sarah Good focuses her practice on individuals in downtown Ottawa, including the Glebe, Centretown, Sandy Hill, Old Ottawa South and Old Ottawa East.  

She focuses her practice on the following services (for more information in each service, click on the link below):   

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