Sensing the Seasons - Menstrual Cycles in Action

This workshop explores the menstrual cycle and its seasonal qualities that can help guide us through life, work, creativity and mothering. An understanding of these seasons will then be used in a practical activity to help you map and sense into the various seasons that are currently influencing your body and how you might be showing up in the world.

What to expect from this Masterclass:

  • Review the menstrual cycle
  • Explore the menstrual cycles seasonal qualities and the purpose behind each phase
  • Discover how this menstrual pattern overlays into various life experiences
  • Map your own current seasons and reflect on how they might be influencing you 

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Meet Your Host

Janelle Gullan, Occupational Therapist

Janelle is an occupational therapist who supports women to connect to their body so they can navigate mothering transitions with confidence and vitality. With an integrated focus on pelvic health, mental health and menstrual cycles, she explores rite of passage and the ways feminine transitions impact performance, roles, relationships, participation and joy. Based on her own personal experiences, Janelle is passionate about supporting birth injury and exploring the stories that live in our body and pelvic spaces. Her private practice is based in Melbourne, Australia, Wollongong (NSW) and the online space.

Catch the replay of this 90 minute masterclass

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