Getting Clients Engaged in Mindfulness Practices Resource

Do you find mindfulness to be a useful resource in your life? Are you convinced from the literature that mindfulness can be beneficial to your clients?

And yet...Is it a struggle to get clients interested in mindfulness? When introducing mindfulness practices to our clients, many clients may not feel that mindfulness resonates well with them and their health needs. This resource outlines some barriers that our clients might face when we present the idea of mindfulness practices as well as some possible solutions which may allow for better results in connecting with these clients, and to provide away to be more grounded during sessions.

Mindful Movements for Occupational Therapists

As healthcare professionals, it is essential to prioritize taking breaks to ensure we return to our tasks refreshed and ready to deliver optimal care. One way we can do this is by incorporating mindful movements into our routines. Mindful movements have been shown to improve our moods and attention, as well as reduce our stress levels.

The following resources offers various suggestions of mindful movements for you to try. These movements can also be incorporated into your sessions, should you wish to do some mindful movements with your clients.

Are you an OT wanting to connect with like-minded OTs using mindfulness?

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Are you interested in grounding exercises that you can use in your OT practice?

Begin with these three short meditations that you can start using right away with your clients or for yourself.

Struggling with Sleep?

You're not alone!

Especially during these challenging times, many people are struggling with sleep. I've created a tool to help you build your day for better sleep. You can request a free copy below.

"The secret of a good night's sleep, would be a good day's waking." Dr. Naiman

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