Episode 30: Occupational Therapists Engaging in Psychotherapy

Justine Jecker explores the intersection of occupational therapy, mental health, and psychotherapy. Accompanying her to discuss the various theories and practices within the psychotherapeutic realm are occupational therapists, Sandeep Marwaha ⁠ and ⁠ Sarah Good. In the world of occupational therapy, navigating the nuanced landscape of psychotherapy and mental health remains challenging but essential. Join the discussion as they unravel the complexities and shed light on how occupational therapists actively contribute to shaping the evolving narrative of mental health in Canada.

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EP63 – OT in Teaching Mindfulness

Sarah Good, OT, uses nature and mindfulness meditation to bring calm and joy to each day and has been practicing mindfulness meditation regularly since she became an OT. Sarah strives to offer ways for OTs from around the world to connect and learn about mindfulness together! 

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EP64 – Mindfulness, Meditation and Grounding Exercises featuring Sarah Good

Sarah Good explains the difference between mindfulness and mediation and exactly how these approaches can be used to support our clients with various challenges including those who experience pain, sleep difficulties, ADHD, mental health issues and many more to live fuller lives.

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S2E5: Conversation with Sarah Good

Explore how Sarah uses mindfulness in her life and OT practice, and how OTs can do the same!

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S1E17: OT Adult Mental Health and Mindfulness

Learn how Sarah successfully uses telehealth to reach her clients and provide OT and mindfulness interventions.

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S10: Building Resilience Through Mindfulness + Technology with Sarah Goo‪d‬

Explore how Sarah has built up her and pivoted her OT business to bring mindfulness to other OTs.

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