The Mindful OT

I support occupational therapists who want to weave mindfulness into their lives and their clinical practices.

Stepping Outside: Getting In Touch With Your Inner Self Outdoors

As our summer weather arrives in Canada, many of us feel a strong yearning to be outdoors as much as possible during our few months of warmth. At the same time, we are also social distancing and may have limited access to outdoor space where we can stay away from others. A walking meditation...


Telehealth in OT

I was recently interviewed by Dr. Reina Olivera about how I use telehealth to reach my clients, both before the pandemic and now. We discuss my use of mindfulness, nature and household tasks as well as the technology I use. I want to thank Reina for this amazing opportunity! You can listen to...


Sleep During Covid-19

Are you struggling with sleep? Has it become more difficult to get the sleep you need since we started social distancing? You are not alone! But why are we struggling to sleep more during Covid-19? There are two main reasons for our increased trouble sleeping. First, many of us are...


An interview with Janelle Gullan: Innovative OT in Women's Health

Bringing Menstrual Awareness to Occupational Therapy: An interview with Janelle Gullan One of the best parts of being an occupational therapist is the privilege of hearing the most intimate details of our client’s daily life. For years, I enjoyed getting to know my clients through hearing about...


Everything You Need to Know to Start Practicing a Body Scan

When I'm teaching mindfulness meditation courses, one of the first practices that I introduce is the body scan meditation. In fact, most evidence-based mindfulness programs that I've come across begin with a body scan. This week, the new participants in Deepen Your Practice: Mindfulness for...


Bringing Mindfulness to Life

Mindfulness is a much talked about practice these days, but it has been around for thousands of years. Mindfulness can be a formal or informal practice which is weaved into our day. It does not need to involve a quiet sitting meditation, but that can be a good way to get some practice. ...