Sarah Good Occupational Therapy & Case Management


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Ottawa ON
K1S 2B3 


Why Occupational Therapy?

As an occupational therapist, I can work with you to find ways for you to do the activities you need and want to do.  Using modifications, tools and education, we can build your important activities back into your life.

If you have a chronic condition such as persistent pain or a mood disorder, you understand how life altering it can be.  Using occupational therapy and mindfulness, I can help you gain skills to live the life you want to live.  


Why mindfulness?

Practicing mindfulness meditation allows us to have awareness of how life is now.  It can help us move away from how life used to be or how life should be.  Once we have an awareness of how life is, we can make more skillful decisions for how to manage.  Mindfulness meditation can also be helpful to manage the stress and fatigue associated with chronic illness.

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